IndyPy Meetup: Abusing Django Channels for Fun (and Profit)


Feb 9


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Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021
4:00pm - 6:00pm EDT

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4:00p - 4:15p Announcements and introductions

4:15p - 5:30p "Abusing Django Channels for Fun (and Profit)" by Calvin Hendryx-Parker and Peter Hull
Django is growing some great async features and Channels has been great for handling websockets connecting from your visitor's browser. But what happens when you need to do more? What if you want to keep long-running connections from Django to other websockets, such as Discord servers?  How do you do this and still leverage all the batteries included with Django? We will show an approach that makes this all possible and easy as a developer.

5:30p - 5:45p Door Prizes

5:45p - 6:00p Networking & General Discussion

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